Man Acts Immediately after Seeing Stranger Pick Up a Little Girl and Toss Her into His Car

It was a heart-stopping moment when what can only be described as evil incarnate kidnapped a little girl who just wanted her daddy in pure daylight.

Prentiss Weatherford from Louisville, Kentucky, didn't hesitate to take action when he saw a 6-year-old girl being abducted. Thanks to him, law enforcement managed to catch and handcuff the suspect.

After the policemen were given helpful information from Weatherford, they immediately began searching for the purported suspect. A whole division was on the lookout for the suspect's vehicle.
Man Acts Immediately after Seeing Stranger Pick Up a Little Girl and Toss Her into His Car

It didn't take long before law enforcement managed to find him. Although he has denied the kidnapping allegations, the suspect chose not to challenge the officers while being apprehended.

The little girl was found once they opened the car door. They picked her out of the vehicle as she heart-throbbingly cried out for her father.

This rescue of this 6-year-old could not have been possible without the Kentucky man's decisive actions. Weatherford explained what he initially witnessed, expanding:

"He just walked up, grabbed her by the collar, picked her off the bike, and then just tossed her in the passenger seat."

The witness then managed to catch a part of the license plate and the vehicle type, actually attempting to pursue the purported abductee in his car. Eventually, he lost the suspect and chose to call law enforcement.

Individuals have praised this brave man for what he did, calling Weatherford a hero. In the comment section of a YouTube video that documented part of this incident, one individual remarked:

"I have no doubt he saved her life. Had he not seen it go down, this child would be on a poster in Walmart."

When asked what he thought of all the adulation he was receiving, he simply expressed appreciation. The Louisville man said he hopes others would do what he did in the situation.

Kidnappers seem to be everywhere, with New York mother Dolores Diaz Lopez's 5-year-old son having nearly been abducted himself. The incident occurred when she was walking with all three of her kids in Queens, New York.

A man then suddenly snatched 5-year-old Jacob. Lopez's motherly instincts kicked in as she pulled him out of the backseat of the car he had been taken to and trapped in.

Speaking about the traumatic incident, the stricken mom warned that parents should always keep their children close and be vigilant. She expressed:

“Always hold their hand when walking with them because there are a lot of evil people and you never know who is near.”

From the CCTV footage that caught the incident, the abductor is suspected to be a man in his mid-20's named James McGonagle. He allegedly grabbed the little boy and then walked to another vehicle where another person was waiting inside.

Sometimes it's not strangers that children need to be saved from but their very own parents or caregivers. A woman saved a newborn placed inside a dresser in an alley right before trash pickup.

This occurred in a Northwest Side alley in Chicago where the residents of Oak Park Avenue in Montclare were getting their trash picked up, something that occurs every Tuesday.

When the woman came across the little one, she reported that she felt protective of the infant and held him protectively until paramedics arrived on the scene. Luckily, and as they should be, all these little ones are now most likely sweet, safe, and sound.