Sweet Cat Takes In Orphaned Bunny As One Of Her Own

The chances of a baby bunny surviving on its own in the wild are slim. When a tiny bunny in England became an orphan at just a week old, there was almost zero chance it would last through the season. But fate was smiling on this creature.

The bunny was taken in by a family in Rotherham, U.K., and named “Bubbles.” Shortly after, Bubbles met his new mother, but it wasn’t a rabbit.
Sweet Cat Takes In Orphaned Bunny As One Of Her Own

A cat named Snaggle Puss saw Bubbles lying on the couch, picked him up with her mouth and carried him over to the rest of her litter. Bubbles isn’t a kitten, but Snaggle Puss and her family don’t care. He’s adorable enough to fit right in!

Snaggle Puss cuddled Bubbles, nursed him, and groomed him just like she did with the rest of her litter. Even though these two species are often at odds, love knows no boundaries! Bubbles is learning more about his feline side every day, teaching his family about the ways of rabbits, and living in comfort with cuddles to spare.

What could be better than two cute animals like Bubbles and Snaggle Puss? It doesn’t take much to fall in love with these furry friends. Want to see more of this adorable family dynamic in action?

Watch Bubbles and Snaggle Puss up close and personal in the video below!