Hiker breaks the law and risks a year in jail to save tiny baby bear’s life

A photographer from Oregon named Corey Hancock went for a hike one morning near the Santiam River. It was a hike Corey did often, but one day, something different than usual occurred.

Corey spotted a tiny black bear that looked hurt.

Corey paused next to the bear. It was obvious to him that the little bear wasn’t going to make it.

The bear barely reacted and was extremely slim. Corey was convinced that his mother has abandoned him or was shot by hunters.
“He was laying on his back,” Hancock said. “He barely moved.”

At first, Corey didn’t know exactly how to respond. He decided to stick around for a bit and hide, to see if the mother would still show up. After waiting about ten minutes with no sign of the bear’s mother, the little bear was almost lifeless.