Tiny village is created for homeless vets giving them a safe place to live at no cost

It’s no secret that after putting their lives on the line, veterans sometimes return home and experience extreme difficulty. From mental health issues, to issues accessing health care and job opportunities, to finding and securing homes, veterans face these difficulties without much help. But a nonprofit in Kansas City, Missouri, decided to do something about that.

They built a small city within the city.
Comprised of 49 tiny homes in an area that covers just a few blocks of Kansas City, these houses create free living for any veterans who need a place to stay. Each house is between 240 to 320 square feet, so they are truly small, but the houses all meet local zoning laws and have full utilities.

These homes enable former soldiers to transition out of a life of houselessness and back into having some basic human necessities met.
Tiny village is created for homeless vets giving them a safe place to live at no cost

Each veteran gets to live in their own home, but they are connected to the whole community.
These houses come with the essentials. Each veteran is able to have a bed to sleep in, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a small living space. It’s just enough to make a person feel at home. The best part is that when the veteran is ready to move out, they get to take all the appliances they want with them. Each house is refurnished with new appliances every time a new veteran moves in.

To make the community seem even more fun and welcoming, the veterans are allowed to bring their dogs to live with them. A lot of the veterans have dogs, and as a result, there’s a lot of puppies to pet. The founders of Veterans Community Project credit the dogs with helping to create an even greater sense of warmth and community there.