Tiny gymnast scores 1st place and over 12M views with adorable routine

Best way for them to excel is to start them young.

This little girl’s name is Stasya.

Her routine has garnered 12,665,234 views and it’s not hard to see why viewers love this little girl.
Tiny gymnast scores 1st place and over 12M views with adorable routine

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a favorite among enthusiasts and definitely a crowd pleaser as girls not only dance, but display epic proportions of strength and balance.

It’s fitness on a different level.

So really, the best way to build that strength is to start at a young age.

So Stasya at such a young age, already filled with confidence, takes the floor and really impresses the judges.

In fact, this is her second time to finish in first place!
Impressive for a little girl alright!

Uploaded by Алена Теплякова (Alena Teplyakova), little Stasya in her bright yellow outfit and pigtails catches everyone’s eye as she walks out and does a pose for her audience.

Gymnastics Victoria is certainly right by saying,

“Rhythmic Gymnastics is the perfect sport to teach body awareness and control – skills that will assist in the development of athletic potential for any sporting endeavour.”

They go on to enumerate the benefits of the sport:

• Develops posture and confident body movement, for sport and life
• Enhances co-ordination and agility, for body awareness and balance enhances creativity and builds self-confidence
• Increases flexibility and strength and prepares the body for the life’s challenges
• Develops healthy minds and bodies for now and later life
• Give your daughter the right start in life.

It’s no wonder those female gymnasts have a different walk. One of confidence.

If you’re counting, then you can see that there are about fifteen judges watching this little girl execute her routine.

Stasya balances on one leg, then does a front flip, before doing a few splits.

And then she does this!

There has to be harmony, which means perfect timing to the music and the moves learned.

Now that goes without saying that practice is super important. Not easy when teaching kids her age.

Stasya really loves the sport then.
Just look at how she folds over backwards before flipping herself over. If an ordinary adult did that… You get the idea.

The thing with Rhythm Gymnastics is that every single move has to be executed perfectly.

One small mistake could cause the gymnast valuable points and even a place in the standings.

Talk about scrutiny.
Good balance, flexibility, coordination, and strength plus a tough mentality under pressure are all attributes budding gymnasts need regardless of which discipline they join.

And since they start young, throw in a few martial arts kicks in there for that secret agent effect a la Black Widow.

Then again this little girl is too adorable to even be a super soldier.

Not unless she’s into that, in which case we’d like to see more videos. One thing is for sure. She’s gold!

Watch her adorably impressive routine below!
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