Young woman floats on ice at Adult National Champtionship

She calls herself Vesper Holly.

This lady is a talented ice skater who moves so gracefully on the ice, it’s relaxing to watch her glide around so effortlessly.
This particular clip is of her at the Adult National Championships.

Trying to balance on skates is something a lot of people cannot do but dancing on them is a whole new level of skill.
Young woman floats on ice at Adult National Champtionship

This is art on ice.
Unlike most competitions televised where a couple dances to music while executing stunning moves, Vesper goes at it alone.

It’s all eyes on her as she skates and dances to a very jazzy tune.

And unlike most figure skaters who are known to typically have a super thin body, Holly’s body type doesn’t slow her down at all

Her flexibility and grace on ice is beautiful to watch.

Have you ever tried dancing on ice?

This short clip of Vesper on ice was uploaded and she’s got 1,413,736 views and counting.
Figure skating is an elegant way of getting around the ice.

No awkward, random movements as every second counts. Even the simple act of skating to move requires a certain panache to it.

It’s really subtle and smooth but don’t be fooled.

Those rinks are huge and while Vesper dances around, notice how quickly she gets from one spot to the other. That’s decent speed!

Impeccable balance and control.
See, lots of men and women can’t even walk straight but here you have figure skaters like Holly who make it look so easy and effortless.

Life can really be unfair most times.

They say it was the Dutch who were the early pioneers of skating. Back in the 13th century, they began using canals as a means to get from village to village to communicate with others.

Skating made its way across England and soon, everyone wanted to have a go.
Passionate skaters included names like Marie Antoinette, Napoleon, and German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

It was all the rage back then and who knows if they had competitions.

Two Americans in 1850 named Edward Bushnell and Jackson Haines were responsible for the revolution of skating.
Bushnell was from Philadelphia and he introduced the steel-bladed skates necessary for the movements. Haines hailed from Vienna and it was he who introduced ballet and dance adding grace to the sport.

Figure Skating is one of the most anticipated events in the Olympics. It is not a sport that requires participants to sweat while exerting effort to show who is the strongest or fastest.

What’s required is grace and elegance while looking gorgeous for the cameras.

And you bet Vesper Holly here nailed her routine. The holidays are just around the corner so time to dust off those skates and get gliding!

Watch Holly’s graceful skating in the video below!
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