Young teen makes ice skating history and takes home gold

What would you do if you won a championship and broke a record at the same time?

It was something that 13-year-old Alexandra Trusova did not expect to happen when she joined the International Skating Union World Junior Figure Skating Championships.

But, it did happen and she’s absolutely thrilled!
Young teen makes ice skating history and takes home gold

A dedicated figure skater
Just like any other athlete, Alexandra is someone who is very dedicated to her sport.

Figure skating is more than just a passion.

For the teenager, figure skating is a huge part of her life.

It is a sport that may appear easy, but that’s only because the skaters make it look so.

In reality, it takes so much focus, dedication, and strength to pursue the sport. It is something that Alexandra takes very seriously and that shows on her countless and rigorous training meant to hone her skill and win world championships.

Skaters usually start out at a young age, and this is also the case for young Alexandra.
By the time that she reached 13-years-old, the teen is now well-acquainted with the sport and in joining international competitions.

Her talent is on another level

But, Alexandra is not your regular figure skater. She is one extremely talented young lady and she proved this in the ISU World Junior Figure Skating Championships.

She wowed the crowd with her fantastic moves and record-breaking stunts!
In the history of the ISU World Championships, no woman has ever landed a quadruple jump more than once during a performance.

Well, that was before Alexandra has graced the ISU’s rink.

On that day, the crowd was in complete awe as the youngster landed her first quadruple jump.

They thought it was already impressive, but they did not know that Alexandra was not done yet.

Her routine continued on and as she went on, she gave the audience another treat: a quadruple toe loop!
Everyone went crazy after the teen fabulously nailed the stunt.

That move practically sealed the deal, and it was official: Alexandra just broke a record. She could not believe she did it!

She was extremely thrilled about the accomplishment, but her routine is not completed yet. As much as she wanted to bask at that moment, she knew she still had stunts to pull along her captivating routine.

Alexandra was a star on that rink.
She was glowing as she wowed the audience with one stunt after another, leaving them with no room for the overwhelming appreciation for her talent.

She ruled that rink and in the end, it was not a bit surprising that the talented young lady won the hearts of the judges and took home the championship. Wow!

The judges awarded Alexandra a high score of 153.49 points for her routine, which was also a personal best for the teen skater.

She ended up winning the gold medal and scoring 225.52 overall. How awesome is that?

Alexandra was over the moon with her victory but what makes her even more ecstatic is the fact that she just made history with her double success on landing quadruple jumps!

In an interview with ISU, she shared:

“I am very happy to have won, but I’m even happier to have landed the two quads. I prepared for that and I did it.”
She also shared one of the biggest challenges she faced in the competition and that was the fact that she was so excited about landing her record-breaking jumps.

But, despite that, she also knew she had to keep herself in check as she continued on with her performance.

“After I landed the quads, I was very happy, but I still had the rest of the program to do. There were still three difficult combinations to come and I had to pull myself together.”

What an amazing young woman! To think that she’s only 13 makes us feel even more excited about what’s in store for this talented girl.

Watch the video below and prepare to be amazed by this amazing figure skater!
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