This Dog's Hind Legs Were Broken, So She Crawled For Help

Banhar was found in a restroom on a barren stretch of highway with broken hind legs. Now, she's learning to walk again.
On a long, lonely stretch of highway stood a single, unremarkable bathroom building. Inside, it looked abandoned.

No electricity, floors were strewn with debris. But it wasn’t empty. Inside sat a wounded, crying dog. Her back legs were broken and twisted, her fur matted and dirty.

When Irina Moskva pulled up and saw the distressed dog, she knew exactly what she needed to do.
This Dog's Hind Legs Were Broken, So She Crawled For Help

Taking the pup into her car without hesitation, Moskva was determined to give her the best chance at recovery that she could. She gave the dog water, food, and a name: Banhar.
Banhar, whose name fittingly means both “wide cheeks” and is another name for her breed of Tibetan mastiff, accepted the love and attention unquestioningly.

In spite of all she’d been through, she could tell that her rescuers meant to help her. At only five months old, her life had been an unbroken line of pain and mistreatment — her injured back legs were consistent with being hit by a car.

Still, she placed her trust in the hands of Moskva and her team.
“Banhar’s survival was a miracle,” the rescuers wrote on YouTube. Diagnosed with cystitis and osteomyelitis, she was lucky to be alive at all. Then, she got lucky again.

Days before she was scheduled for an amputation to her back legs, her condition cleared and the team decided it was possible to save them!

Now, Banhar continues to recover with the help of a specially built wheelchair and plenty of attention. She is learning to socialize with other dogs and seeing what else the world has to offer.

She will never again find herself injured, abandoned, or neglected.

Watch video of her rescue and learn more about Banhar’s story below!