Two Dogs Rescued From Cramped Cages After Six Years Celebrate Their New Freedom

Angelica and Spud were found in neighboring cages, where they'd been unable to interact with anyone else for six years. Now, both have found their new forever homes!
Locked in cramped cages in a Virginia home, Angelica and Spud watched their lives slip away for six long years.

Angelica, a short-haired Saint Bernard, struggled to even stand upright or turn around in the small space, while Spud, a smaller terrier mix, spun anxiously in little circles.

Then, rescue came. Rescue & RemEMBER, to be exact. The Virginia-based nonprofit makes it their mission to be “a bridge for Shelter dogs to walk over, then end up in their fur-ever home.”
Two Dogs Rescued From Cramped Cages After Six Years Celebrate Their New Freedom

In a heartbreaking video of the first time rescuers saw the pair, they look neglected — dirty, agitated, malnourished. But the second their cages are open, they make a break for freedom.
Then, they come back together. For those six years, they had no one else, and couldn’t even touch from their separate prisons.

They play and run, scrambling for each other and taking in what must feel like a wide-open new world, even if it’s just the kitchen of the house they were trapped in.

Rescue & RemEMBER, along with Knine Rescue, Inc., immediately got to work finding them their forever homes.

Spud was adopted first, finding a family that welcomed him immediately as one of their own. Now, Spud enjoys the warmth of cuddles with his new family.

Angelica took a little longer to adopt — her health issues, especially her underdeveloped hind legs, required special attention. Still, she persevered through her therapy and came out the other side completely renewed.

Now, Angelica experiences the simple pleasures of life like snow through brand new eyes!

In spite of all the pain and neglect they went through in their younger years, both Spud and Angelica are now looking forward to a bright future full of love and companionship.