Lonely Bullmastiff Walks Over 100 Miles To Find Her Family After They Neglected Her

Lonely Bullmastiff Walks Over 100 Miles To Find Her Family After They Neglected Her
Just like how many humans get attached to their pets, their pets often get attached to their humans too. This is why pet owners frantically put “lost pet” signs up the second they realize their beloved dog, cat, or other animal is missing from home. Likewise, when pets are left alone for too long, they start to worry. If you’re a dog owner, you might recall your trusty canine whimpering as you walk out the door and even desperately peering out the window the entire time you’re gone, waiting until you get back.
Lonely Bullmastiff Walks Over 100 Miles To Find Her Family After They Neglected Her

For one-year-old Bullmastiff, Manora “Maru,” she became uneasy when she was placed on a train without her human family. Initially, Maru’s breeder sent the pup to a “forever home,” until her new family decided six months later that they were “allergic” to the dog. In reality, they couldn’t handle the dog’s energetic, loving personality. So, the family’s first instinct was to send Maru back to where she came from, accompanied by a random person to watch her on the train there.
Now a hundred miles away from Maru’s “home,” the train halted at a station, and before Maru’s attendant could do anything to stop her, the Bullmastiff jumped off the train and ran in the opposite direction. The train then continued on its long journey without its canine passenger. Even if the attendant had time to tell the driver to stop, it’d be much too late; the pup took off quickly into a maze-like forest.

The next best thing the attendant could do was contact the family, who then contacted the breeder about the situation. Over the phone, the breeder politely asked the family to find Maru since she was still technically theirs, but they quickly refused without emotion in their voice. It was clear that they never cared for the Bullmastiff.

Because she was preoccupied and unable to look for the canine herself, the breeder posted on social media urging people to look out for Maru and notify her immediately if and when they found her.

Just two days later, the breeder was notified. Someone had found Maru limping in a dangerous, industrial location. After tempting the sad, crying dog with food, they were able to take her home to temporarily look after her.

The breeder then, after asking the rescuer, realized that Maru ended up in the same city as her ex-family. Piecing things together, it became obvious that Maru had attempted to walk all the way back home to be with her old family. Little did she know that they didn’t want her.